Best Friend Fibers


Your best friend offers a warm hug and happiness. You have history together. Here at Best Friend Fibers, we offer quality custom yarns and instruction in hand-dyeing and hand-spinning. It's the natrual friendship of quality fibers,  cherished traditions, and all the colors of a joyful heart.




Each one of our unique skeins tells a story. It begins with rain water and color and wool. The colors speak of our environmentally friendly practices, non-toxic dyes, and methods that represent good stewardship of this earth. And the colors dance, full of possibility, waiting to know what their story will be. You complete the story. Each skein finds a home, becomes what you make of it. Do you want to create your own custom skeins? Do colors that speak to us also speak to you? Fresh colors and fresh produce sit side by side in our stalls at the farmers' market.  What will you make?

This spinning world, the spinning wheel - that's part of our story. Fiber becomes yarn. Yarn becomes beauty, and we offer that beauty to you. Each fluffy cloud of fiber brings its own history to the traditional art. Fibers are selected with care, then spun with purpose: a three-ply high-twist Falkland for socks, an alpaca two ply with high loft for a weatherproof hat, or a soft shetland lace for that summer-weight shawl you've always admired. If you've always wanted to learn hand-spinning, or if you just value the beauty of bespoke yarns, come to one of our regular demonstrations or arrange lessons.


Hand Dyed

Hand Spun